Private Property
A pair of mid-career Canadian artists visit an older, wealthy couple they met by chance at a holiday party. The foursome convenes at a house at the woods upstate New York where everyone's inner opportunist comes out to stake their claim. Private Property examines interpersonal exploitation, wealth and the quest for legacy in Trump's America.
2M / 2W

Other plays include Back To Mine, Story of Four and the one-act The Spark.

EPISODIC CONCEPTS (with Meghan Hemingway)

Salmon Elbow
Jane Maslow is forced to return to her hometown of Salmon Elbow. She collides with her family and the hordes of tourists who have descended for the annual salmon river run in which thousands of fish fight their way against the current to return home. Panicked and in survival-mode, Jane struggles to find her balance and begin her own journey against the mainstream. Set against the backdrop of a ticking time bomb in the form of an active volcano, Salmon Elbow is a darkly comic portrait of a backwater town on the brink of chaos, a platonic love story that challenges societal norms and a woman who must face her past in order to build her future.

A weekend getaway aboard a dilapidated houseboat finds the sprawling Devine family cooped up to celebrate their dying patriarch’s birthday. Anchored by a legacy of deep-harbored secrets, can the Devines withstand the pressure cooker that awaits them at sea? When 11 year-old Lily goes missing, the family fractures. Fingers are pointed, alliances are broken and generations of repressed guilt and anger come to the surface. As perspective shifts each episode, different characters take the spotlight to reveal their truths and unravel the mystery. Archipelago examines our emotional inheritance, the systemic nature of patriarchy and the lengths we’ll go to drown out voices that challenge the façade we cling to so dearly.

The Joint
Formerly a door factory, The Joint is now the hottest wedding venue in town. Husband-and-husband team Curtis & Dan and their fiery business partner Gwen sell fairytale packages to couples looking to kick off their unions in style. When their own marriage shatters, Curtis and Dan must find a way to continue to sell the dream in which they no longer believe. Caught in the middle, Gwen struggles to keep the peace while navigating the unexpected discovery that she’s pregnant. Each episode hinges on a different duo as they make their way down the aisle. The Joint is a character-driven, touching and hilarious look at our societal constructs, the multi-billion dollar wedding industry, the way we’ve learned to love and the lengths we’ll go to fill the void. 

Working Title
In an effort to “grow up” and find stability, Molly trades in her bar apron for what she thinks is a cushy office job. Upon arrival, however, Molly discovers a workplace in tumult and co-workers whose lives are at the whim of the new, never-present CEO. Cast as the Kellyann Conway to his Trump, Molly becomes the symbol of the new regime. Her presence causes anxiety amongst the staff and she’s soon embroiled in an office rivalry with resident queen bee Max and a distrustful crew of colleagues. Struggling to keep her head above these shark-infested waters, Molly discovers her true talents and inspires revolution. 

Writing Wrong
Surrogate siblings and creative partners in crime, Meghan & Stephen squeak by on lousy jobs and struggle to stay on-course in a town that encourages their most reckless selves. When their hard-work and infectious dynamic manifest an opportunity to develop a TV show for a major network, the duo puts pen to paper but gets it all wrong. Just naïve enough to believe that they can ‘make it,’ the friends find their voice when they look within and turn their failure into gold. Writing Wrong is a comedic look at two Canadians who try to make their American Dream come true in New York City. 

Birth Control
Mack and Jordan are at an impasse. Their past romantic relationships have not yielded what they really want: a baby. So what if he’s gay and she’s straight? With Mack’s ovulation schedule charted, the friends plan to ‘do it.’ Who better to build a loving home with than a best friend you love and with whom you have no chance of breaking up? When expectation meets reality, even the best laid plans can go awry. Birth Control is a touching and hilarious look at the bumpy road toward creating a life of your own design, the families we choose and a society pushing the limits of its liberalism.